Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Terry Fox Run 2008

Ever taken part in the Terry Fox Run before? No? Well let me enlighten you on how the run went. This event is a charity event. There is no registration fee, but sales from the shirt goes directly to CARIF for cancer research. I shall not bore you with the details but if you're interested to know the story of how this run started in the first place, please click here.

Let me guide you in getting through the run (with pictures) If you are thinking you are not built to go for a run, bullshit lar, you don't even have to run ok. Just walk. In fact you can cycle and rollerblade too. It's really up to you. So here goes.

First thing to do when you reach Lake Gardens is look for the booth selling the shirts and pick your size.

Get your shirts from the people manning the counter. And handover you cash!

Then wait for flag off lar. In the mean time there are booths selling food. Some are giving away bottled water and bananas for free.

Gather round the stage and wait for the flag-off.

This year we had a celebrity to help flag-off the run. Ida Nerina- who did not want to tell us who won TARA.

There's the starting point.


Off we go!! Look at the crowd.

Along the way, you'll find people like him. Some will be shouting encouragements at you. Some just look bored.

Towards the end, you'll find this sign. This year, I followed the arrow pointing to the right.

This is the view that greeted us right after getting on the new route.

Look at the lack of crowd.

Keep going, you'll finish eventually.


Every year there are a bunch of people who like to make a statement.

This year, we saw these people.

Who came in sarongs.

So what's your statement?


Emily said...

Love this posting!

Diyana said...

thank you thank you. the writer in me has been in the backseat for quite sometime.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diyana,

Greetings from the Terry Fox Foundation!

Your photos are fantastic!

Would you be good enough to email me? I have a special request.


with kind regards,

Judith Fox

Diyana said...

Why thank you Judith!

e-mailed you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a turnout! I didn't know there was a Terry Fox run in Malaysia. I think its awesome that you got involved too.