Thursday, September 17, 2009

...About Daiso Japan

You have never heard of Daiso? It's Japan's leading livingware supplier. What the hell does it mean by livingware? Well, basically macam-macam ada lah!

Bento enthusiasts in Malaysia rejoiced when Daiso hit our shores. It carries a lot of bento gears. Everyhting you'll ever need to bento is there!

They have Bento Boxes of various shapes and sizes.

All the accesotires you'll ever need are also available.

They also have stationeries and apparels. (socks not from Daiso, but they do have socks)
They also have craft related items, yarns, cloths, needles. I get my supply of felt from Daiso.
And you know how the Japs comes up with the craziest utilities? They have electric erasers!!
And everything for RM5 per item!

So to find out where's the nearest Daiso branch, click on the picture below!
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Anonymous said...

Hey, y dint u talk about hari raya?
Well, happy hari raya for u...

synical said...

I went to the Daiso in Puchong the other day - really more craft supplies there.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to you :)

Diyana said...