Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Of Past Few Weeks

To put in a few words and pictures about my life in the past few weeks.

Here's a few of the things I've been cooking. I'll be going off Yee Mee for a few weeks, as I've finished all 5 bunch of noodles in 2 weeks. (>_<) Rice, omelette and chinese cabbage in oyster sauce.

Spinach in oyster sauce, fish fillet wrapped in egg, boiled carrots and potatoes in black pepper sauce. Bunyi macam sedap, padahal biase jer.

On the 19th, went for a video shoot for Point Blanc's new song.

Group pic with MC Jin

The work station

Eugene and Mel.


Cameraman at work.

VR Team group shot.

View from high up.

Sape tu.....

Botak, the kepala of street team.

Mel, Allison, moi.

Thanks to David for some of the pics, the pics from his camera are oh-so-nice!! (memang lar, camera canggih beb)

Can't wait for the video to come out. Watch this space for latest news. Or go straight to the source.


Emily said...

Wow! Nice RED Tee!

Diyana said...

heheh, it's from Point Blanc's clothing line.

Anonymous said...

simple n beauty...