Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Side of Me That Doesn't Deal with Grease, Jet Oil and Hydraulic Fluids

That's how I would describe my blog. Working with all those stuff, it's kind off relaxing to write here and get in touch with the other side of me.

The crazy side that I have to tone down at work so that people will take me seriously. The loud side of me that most people can't stand. The girly side of my that includes pictures where I have eyeliner and mascara on. The side of my that tries to cook, loves to read, and enjoys tatting.

The side of me, that took part in's "yes, no, umm, ah" twice, and lost. (>_<) The game works in a funny way. They announce the cue to call. But the first time I took part, they didn't play my entry until the next day's show. Weird huh? The best part, the second time I took part, they asked for my number and said that they'll call me back. 0_O And they did call me back, a few days later, early in the morning, when I've just finished washing off the dirt accumulated under my nails during work. Funny lar, unfair how they announce the cue to call when they already have players for the game an hour before. Whatever lar, I think I'm gonna try again till I win. I'm sure Neoh will try too. He's been very-the-semangat about it.

I'm on my off day now. Nothing to do, well except to clean up the house (>_<) the floor is sticky again. Lazy lar.... Finally sent my car to the car wash this morning, haven't had it washed for a few weeks. Oh and my car's air-con is A OK, turns out there was a piece of cloth stuck somewhere, causing the air-con not to work properly T_T like what the heck.

In dire need of retail therapy. I miss the ambiance of a shopping centre, the glossy shiny floors, the wonderful display windows, the smell of new things, the excitement of finding something you like and trying it on, browsing through new things. But I think I'll postpone it till after my birthday, then I'll go shopping. But can't think of anything that I want right now, the Blackberry doesn't seem all so important right now.

Tatting has been postponed for a while. Fell out of the mood, but will get back to it soon, especially because of the fact that the threads costs so much.

Haven't watched a movie in the cinema for a llooonnngg time. Planning to catch "The Kite Runner" read the book, wonder how the movie will be. There's another movie I wanna watch but can't remember what it is right now.


Now, where should I go for retail therapy...klcc? pavillion? mid valley? sungei wang?


Anonymous said...

heehee shoppinggg -

pavillion quite atas, damn nice to walk around and feel 'posh' :P just has a newer fresher feel to it, but not as atas as gardens, so can still shop quite decently.

i'm SO bored of megamall omg. i only wanna go to diva and nose there. and then cross over to the atas gardens hoho.

klcc quite nice, always seems to be plenty of hot people if you wanna people watch. best part? got kinokuniya!!!

sungei wang is THE best for ANY bargain, but is always so packed :( very bustling and alive though.

in conclusion, i say if you want the whole gleaming floors high ceilings atas feeling experience, go pavillion! :D or for a quick fix come to jusco seremban :P

Diyana said...

hmm, might go to pavillion. haven't done real shopping there yet. klcc is my all time favourite, maybe because i frequent there during my university days.

sg wang is really suitable when you know what you wanna get, but for leisure shopping, maybe not lar rite?

mid valley has all the shops i frequent, but not exactly my favourite place to shop. haha, will update once i've made up my mind.

in the mean time, you are right, there's always jj seremban. ;p