Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Of Mother's Day, Birthday and Banana Cream Pie.

Just finished having my banana cream pie before posting. It was sinfully delicious. Very heavenly!

Anyways, just turned 22 on monday. Thank you to everyone for all the wishes.

I'm not the type to make a fuss about my birthday, but I do make a fuss for people to not make a fuss about it. Geddit? ahaks, nevermind.

Went to surprise mom at her office yesterday. Went with my sis n her bf, supposed to belanja my mom lunch, sorta a belated mother's day and an early (very early) birthday surprise. But she already had lunch. So we just had lunch by ourselves. Gave her her birthday prezzie. Didn't take any pics, will upload some when I get the pics from my sis.

Anyways, this is what I got for my birthday from my sis. Peppermint Foot Cream and Honey Melon Hand Balm fron Skinfood. Very-the-pampering. Smells real nice too.

After the surprise visit, me, my sis and wadi(her bf) went to OU. Because I wanted some retail therapy. Couldn't find anything I like in OU. So we proceeded to The curve.

Got four tops for myself. Very worth it, everything for a total of RM88.


This one, to me, is the greatest statement ever! (only certain people will understand why)


Anonymous said...

did i just see the icing all smeared over your lips? HE HE :D

happy birthdayyyy!

and the tee looks JUST NICE!

Diyana said...

actually that's the light reflected off the fork.

and the tee is THE ULTIMATE!!!

i shall find a chance to wear it and walk by, pass him.

eheh eheh eheh

Anonymous said...

heehee happy belated birthday dear! :) though i think i wished you via friendster, but no harm repeating here :D

Diyana said...

yes you did mich!!thanks!!