Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It has been extended

My OJT has been extended till 20th of June. 'Nuff said. I ain't gonna say no more.

Thankfully, June 15th is my off day, as I've already registered to take part in a treasure hunt with Tina, Audrey and Angie. Hopefully we get a placing for this one.

Was so dayum bored today. Didn't go to sleep till 3 something in the morning, didn't wake up till like 6 in the evening. Talk about laziness.

I have to wake up early tomorrow, I have an appointment with my dentist. I think my teeth will be extracted tomorrow. Need to extract 2 teeth from my upper row. Not sure if they'll extract both tomorrow. Think I'm gonna have to cook and eat porridge for a few days after that, since my braces will surely be tighten tomorrow.

Did anyone watch AIM? I didn't, was working that night. Even if I wasn't working that night, the only reason for me to watch it is Yogi B, I found out about the results, he didn't win. Bummer. I've never heard of the winner. Oh well, what the hell. Faizal walked away with the most awards. WTH??!! and Suki got the award for the most promising artist. Now can can she win the most promising artist when her runner up walked away with album of the year? How can she be promising when she, the winner of OIAM1, is way far behind the runner up? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA funny lar.

Don't even get me started on Point Blanc not being nominated. Seems because he wasn't qualified for the chinese album category, hence he's automatically not qualified for other smaller categories. Whatever lar. Video was way more advance than our normal local videos, album cover was great. He'll be back AIM, just you wait. He gon be back with a BANG!

Man, I'm in a state of uber laziness right now. I'm only up and about during work. I even do OT, but when I'm home, I'm in my lazy zone. Heavy ass mode. Stuck to the sofa, astro remote glued to my hand. ahaks.

Think I'll drop by starbucks on my way back from the dentist tomorrow. Haven't had a caramel frappucino for a lloooonnnngggg time.

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