Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Extraction

After the experience of having my toe nail removed, here's how I pictured what a tooth extracting process would be like. First, the dentist injects the anesthetic to numb my gum holding the tooth. Then, he takes his electrical tool to, I dunno, loosen the root of the tooth, go zz zzzzz for a while, then slowly remove the tooth.



Here's how it went down. I sat down, he asked me which side do I normally chew. I told him right, then he said he'll pull out the tooth on the left first. So he injected the anesthetic, waits for a while. Then he picked up his tweezer+mini icethong-like tool. Starts sticking it between the tooth and my gum, asks me if it hurts, I said no. Because I seriously did not feel a thing. Next thing I know, he PULLS THE TOOTH OUT!! Just like that! Manually!!! Like how the mafias do it in the movies (only they use pliers)

In my head I was going "Bloody hell!"

Thank god I didn't feel a thing. I was numb from my gum, to the left side of my upper lip, up to the left side of my nose. And it remained so for about 2 hours.

Man, I should've taken a picture of my extracted tooth. Would've been a nice picture for this post.

Will be extracting the other tooth next week. Might take a picture then. Treated myself to a strawberry sundae from McD, tapau-ed lunch from McD also. The girl at the cashier must be thinking "Apesal lar amoi ni cakap pelik giler" Well, I was numb ok, my upper lip probably wasn't moving when I talk. hahahahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahaha.

The numbness is gone, and no pain so far. Thankfully. But I've pain killers, so hopefully everything will be fine.

In the mean time, thinking of trying out the Big Mac Chant, the one where you have to chant "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun" under 4 seconds. reckon I can do it? hehehe.


Emily said...

Goodness, your dentist sounds fantastic! Shall we bring Poh2 down to see him soon? She is SO AFRAID of dentists!!

Just Joe said...

aren't dentist should be the one who we never trust ?? once i went to see dentist.. he said that its not gonna hurt.. but damn i was like at the end of my life when he pull out the tooth..

Emily said...

He did it in 2 seconds!

Diyana said...

well, mine went fine, didn't even have to take the pain killers after that.

maybe it was that one dentist lar...

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Diyana said...

thanks mom!!