Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bento #6


Was feeling a bit under the weather, so I cooked some porridge the night before. Put some soy sauce in the lil sauce bottle. This is the last bento for now. Will be doing practical starting friday. Too lazy to prepare bento, besides I get subsidized food at the company's staff lounge.

Till the next bento!!


Elsa S said...
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Diyana said...

haha. thanks. yeah, bento-s are uber cute!

not a good cook lar! masak untuk sendiri boleh lar...hihi

Kampungkai said...

hey fellow tame haha!
keep up the good work you're doing now. hard work will pay off one day ok? get your basic license, that's the most important thing for you and friends now. Feel free to ask for help if u need anything, i'm just across the road. It's nice to meet you :)

p/s: send my regards to Syaz.

Diyana said...

wahey!look forward to bumping into u someday.will send ur regards to her.thnx for dropping by!

Emily said...

woohoo! wahh doing well in the bento department and the cooking too.

Let me know if you need bento boxes in colors other than green? hahahaha