Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Got Tagged, and You've Got Something To Read

1. Do you think you’re hot?
Are you kidding me? If you don't think you're hot who will? ;p

2. Upload your favourite picture of you!

3. Why do you like that picture?
Because it's not exactly me, yet people who knows me identifies with it. It doesn't show my face, hence freaks won't be able to steal it and do weird stuff.

4. When is the last time you ate pizza?
Gosh, not in the last 2 months.

5. The last song you listened to?
Some song playing on the radio while driving back from work and combating drowsiness. In other words, I don't remember.

6. What are you doing right now beside this?
Nothing else. Pathetic I know, well it is 2.47 am.

7. People you tag?
1) Jen Ai
2) Emily
3) Melberry
4) MissMichy
5) Insert name here

8. Who is number 1?
Primary school mate. Hot mama. Nuff Said.

9. Say something about number 5?

10. How about number 4?
Online acquaintance. Have yet to meet in real life. But I know she's a fun person nonetheless.

11. Who is number 2?
Wa eh Lau-bu. meng pek bo?

12. number 3?
Fellow Voyeur Records Street Teamer. Student. Freelancer.


Emily said...

oi, we ate pizza recently mah!

Aiyoh! this tag is kinda tough!

Diyana said...

oh ya!!! totally forgot!! and tried to susun the salad some more!! haiyo, short term memory lost.

ArchDyeu said...

You still have the GIF image, awesome......

I still have mine to, but in my desktop back home......