Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Addition to my Bento stash.

Since I've started bento-ing a lil bit. Decided to add some stuff to my stash. What better place to get them from but my mom's stash!!! I'm telling you, she has at least one piece of everything from the 100yen shops and daiso!

So much so that, even after my raid on her stash, I actually barely even made a dent in her stash!

Let's just say that if all the 100yen and daisos ran out of stock, my mom can save your life!!


So here's my new stuff for bento-ing!

Over the weekend, I made some sago pudding. First try, ok lar, needs some improvement. Will try again, someday....


javapot said...

I believe you. Wishing I had a mom's stash ;) he he hope to see more bentos from u then using the cute accessories.

Diyana said...

heheh, I'm so lucky aren't I?

thanks for dropping by!

kel said...

I wish to have bento supply just like ur mum too, my mum usually would roll her eyes when she saw my purchases ;p

Diyana said...

hahahah. it's the opposite for me! i roll my eyes at my mom's purchases! hahah!

Emily said...

wahhh u all talking about me ah?