Friday, May 1, 2009

So What's Your Anthem?

I never thought, not in a million years, that the day will come when I say this. I miss singing my university anthem. No kidding.

I have no anthem right know. There's no company anthem to memorize and hate to sing during functions or whatever.

Back then, as much as we hated to sing the university anthem, it did give me a sense of purpose. I dare say that I'm one of the few students who sang the anthem more than the average student. Because of all the functions, programs and events I had to attend. Most students sing it dring orientation and that's it.

And guess what? It's on youtube. No joke.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Keunggulan Terbilang.


Kuda Laut said...

Bersama Kita Menjulang!!!!
Thanks coz linked me here... hahaha... I think UTM'S anthem is the most fantastic university anthem.

Diyana said...

dunno y i didn't link you since the beginning!

ya! kami anak kandung! utm rimbun bernaung.

hav u noticed skudai nyanyi tune lain skit frm d one we learnt in kl?