Friday, August 21, 2009

...About Common Courtesy

Some people, are not born or instilled with the common courtesy that the majority of the world's population has. I wonder sometimes, how can they not feel bad for doing something that irritates, annoys, disrespects other people?

Is it in their upbringing? Have they always had things their way, not having to worry about hurting other people's feelings? Have they no manners? Or did they just fall down a very very long stretch of stairs while growing up, impairing their brain, reducing their brain synapses, making them less able to think clearly and rationally?

Whatever the reason, it doesn't make it forgivable for them not having the decency to be courteous to other people.

Some situation that I have come across (not necessarily what I went through, but also what my friends have experienced)

1. You want to hitch a ride. You don't tell the friend that's car-pooling with the driver and just smile at the driver without saying anything. You bloody freaking ask the driver/owner of the car "Hey? can I get a ride?" What is so darn bloody difficult about that? You don't even look at the owner of the car throughout the day, much less speak to that person, but suddenly at the end of the day, you get in their car, not even looking at that person in the eye. Have you no shame? I guess not.

2. You are using something that doesn't belong to you, but you know the owner doesn't mind if you use it. So you use it all up, leaving none for the owner if he/she wants to use it. How very inconsiderate of you.

3. You want to fiddle with someone's new gadget. Instead of tagging along when that person is using it, you wait until he's out of the room, take the gadget out of his bag, switch it on, and fiddle with it like it belongs to you. All this without the permission of the owner. When the owner comes back into the room, you act like everything's fine and dandy. When in fact, the owner is thinking "WTF is he doing???" Not even acknowledging the fact that you've done something wrong, instead, you fiddle with the gadget for the next oh, say, half an hour? while the owner is breathing down your neck.

These kind of people, amaze me. Have they no shame? Have they no feelings? Are their skin seriously that thick? Maybe they don't mind if someone did that to them, I don't know.

What I know is, people like that are ignorant, selfish and rude. There are many more words that I can use here, but then this post will be too long. So there.

That's what I think.

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