Wednesday, August 12, 2009

... About Revamping My Blog

This blog will no longer be personal, nor will it be business. It will just be random thoughts, about random and unrandom stuff.

Be prepared to hear opinions from a petite bitch who sometimes can't stop talking for her own good.

I might do reviews, of things that, oh of things that I can do review off.

If you think that this blog is a waste fo time, well I'm sorry, go ahead and click on the small 'X' at the top right hand corner of your screen.

If you think " Thank God! She updated!" Well thank you very much for checking in from time to time. You boost my nuffnang earnings. :)

If you think, "Alamak, no more gossip and rumours to pass around anymore" Too bad for you!!

Quite frankly, it matters not what you think, because this space right here, is for me to write about what I think. Comprende? Good.

So that's what I think.


Malade said...

Let!!!! Dont worry, I will always love you... eh eh... salah I will always support you!!! Fight O Oh!!!! Hidup kelab Kuda Laut...

Diyana said...

hell yeah!! keep swwimming kuda laut! keep swimming!