Wednesday, December 23, 2009

...About Adding Friends on Social Networking Sites

How many people on your friends list in a social networking site are actually your friends? 90%? 70%? 50%?

People seem to be adding friends like it's a race to win something. Well I think it's stupid. Here's a simple guide to adding friends on social networking site that I live by. (read: if you're thinking of adding me, read the rules)

Do not add if:
1. Just because we're in the same group.
2. Just because we're in the same company.
3. Just because you've seen me before.
4. Just because you know someone I know (mutual friends WTH, that does not make the feelings mutual ok)

Only add if:
1. We're friends.

2. or we've actually had a real conversation.

And for the love of God, please write a message if:
You're adding me but:
1. Profile picture is not off you.
2. Profile name is not the name I know you by.

Last but not least, don't be offended if I don't approve you. I like to keep my private life private.

Do you think it's appropriate to mix your working life with you personal life?

I for one do not feel comfortable if I know my superior or anyone from work (who I'm not really buddy-buddy with) are viewing my personal pictures. So I don't add them. Period.

The phase of adding people just because, has long passed, I finished high school a long time ago.

So think before you add.


synical said...

I've never added work colleagues before. But it doesn't mean you can't limit what they see of you. Of course it's just easier to "ignore" :D

But I've gotten a lot of add requests from (I think) people in the TARA group on FB. I have no idea why would they do that. But I add first, later delete - kakaka...!

Belated New Year greetings.

Diyana said...

i know wat u do, u add first, check out their pictures then delete right? hahahahah!!!

synical said...

I check out the profile (picture - not so much lah), then when I get round to it, delete.. :)