Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...About Oh My Digression

Everyday when I go to work, I have to cross the path of some...hmm, should I say irritating? not exactly, annoying? I can't seem to find a suitable word. Let's just say that, all I want to do is roll my eyes at them right after I give them my "WTF-WHAT'S-YOUR-FREAKING-PROBLEM-GET-OUTTA-MY-FACE-BIATCH" look.

There's two groups of them. I'm sorry, I'm not being sexist, but they all just happen to be men.

Group 1, going into work:

I have to pass through a security checkpoint. There I get my bag scanned, my id checked and a brief molestation body check. The molestation body check is done by a female officer of course.

Now here's what happens, before she pats me down, she'll look at my id,then proceed with the body check. EVERY-SINGLE-FREAKING-TIME this process takes place, there will be at least 1 (max 3) male officer/s standing at the side, watching, with a smirk on their face.

First when the female officer checks my id, the male ones look over her shoulder to look at my tag and check my name. Then they say my name, softly, just enough for me hear that they caught my name (T_T). Then they take one step back and enjoy the 3 seconds free show of some girl on girl action while the female officer pats me down. !@#$%^&*(()@$#$%^*&()#%$^&*()#@%^&*&$##!^*%@#%^&*$$#&&*&%!@$#^

Then as I grab my bag to quickly get away, 3 out of 5 times they'll say something to me like:
1. Ni How Ma?
2. Melayu ke cina?
3. Bye Diyana!
4. Asal mana?

What I would really like to answer to those questions:
1. Wo how bu how kuan ni se mo sze leh?
2. Melana or Cinlayu
3. Take my safety shoe off and hit them on the head.
4. Asal boleh jer.


Group 2, leaving the work place:

There's always a road block. Only God knows what in the world they are checking for. Sometimes they'll stop me, usually they don't. Just the other day they stopped me. Officer B was at the left hand side of my car, he told me to wind down my window. I told officer C who was at my right side that my left window is spoiled....

Me : Tingkap belah sana dah rosak.
Officer C : Lesen ade?
Me : Ade.
He gestures for me to pull over to the side.
I pulled over, showed him my license.
Officer C: Duit banyak-banyak buat ape?
Me : (forehead wrinkled, blank look on my face.) Huh?
Officer C: Duit banyak-banyak buat ape?
Me : Duit ape?
Officer C: Engineer kan? (gesturing towards the single white line on my shoulder)
Me : Tak lah, trainee jer.
Officer C : Oh, sebelum ni belajar kat mane?
Me : Uni.....
He read my name from my license out loud, smirks, hands it back to me and said
Officer C : Belum kahwin kan?
Me : (irritated look, shakes my head)
Officer C :(smirks some more, clicks his tongue)
Then I quickly drove off.

I felt like turning the car around and running him over.

And we still don't know what the hell the roadblock is for.

I think they should just do their job and mind their own business.

And shove a cactus up their arses.


Emily said...

had a good laugh, sorry but at your expense!

at least we know the security at lcct is good?

Emily said...

ps: try and remember their names, staff nos, and codes etc and noted it down some where!

pps: took the foodpicks and barans etc and a book from the house on sunday.

Diyana said...

haha, i dun think it reflects how good they're doing their job, quite the opposite.

Brenda said...

i have a cactus good enough to make you happy :)

Diyana said...

oh thanks brenda dear! do remember to bring it along when you come back.

ps: how big is it?

mollyjinxed said...

had a good laugh too!
shove a cactus up their arse!
darn those perverts!!