Saturday, April 10, 2010

...About: The Turning Point by Point Blanc

This post is long over-due.

Anyways people, your Ipohmali boy Point Blanc is back in the game! He's back, with his second album, titled 'The Turning Point'

Consisting of 8 tracks (I know, not enough!) This time around, this album is 99% in English. Only one small verse in chinese in one of the songs.

There are quiet a few love songs in this album, and also some anthem song. Like, 'Keep It Up', to me it's an anthem to keep life going. 'Payday' anthem for, well, um, pay day lah! And my new dance anthem, 'Before', featuring Alvin Gold.

But the bestest song to me is 'Just A Miracle (Acoustic)' also featuring Alvin Gold. You have to listen to both the acoustic and non-acoustic version of this song! Because it's crazy cool how they flipped the song!

Even though I like his first album better (>_<) there are things to love from this album. So what do you say? Give local music a chance. 'The Turning Point' has been nominated for 2 AIM Awards for this coming AIM17 on the 2nd of May.'Best Hip Hop Album' and 'Best Local English Album' and I'd say about damn time too! If you don't know what AIM is, it's the 'Anugerah Industri Musik', the Malaysian equivalent of the Grammy's.

Show your support for our local artistes, they need a reason to keep making music!

This one right here is one of the pioneers of Malaysian Hip Hop!

Cop this album, only RM25, don't support piracy!

Don't know where to get a copy? leave a comment, I'll hook you up with one aight?

Ammo for life.

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Emily said...

got my copy but at RM29.90 amcorp mall ;(