Saturday, September 18, 2010

...About The Devil Wears Prada

The movie and the book.

Ok here's the thing, I've watched the movie gazillions of times (and I obviously love love love it) I don't know, I think I have a thing for shows that has make-overs in it's plot.

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So after thinking long and hard, seeing the book in front of me for so many times, I finally decided to shell out the cash and buy the book.

I think the screen play writer for the movie did a hell of a job re-writing the story for the movie. Cos the book, is nothing like the movie. DISAPPOINTMENT. It was - for the lack of a better word - BORING. The only reason I could finish the book was because of my curiosity. I was trying to find the similarities.

The movie is so much more exciting. Better drama, better characters, better crisis. It was just way better than the book.

It's so different, even the main character's personality is different.

For the first time ever, I vote for the movie.

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