Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...About Random Food Shots 2

I never meant it to be a series of some sorts. But seeing how I tend to take pictures of my food when I eat out or when I cook on a whim but never blog about them, every now and then I have a few random snap shots of food loitering in my folder. So, here they are, the 2nd of many more to come.

In case you're wondering "When the hell did she come up with 'Random Food Shots 1' in the first place?" Well, click here to view the first one.

Here we go.

Garlic Pumpkin on Rice with a side of Edamame Beans

Salmon something-something. Can't remember the name. From Sheperdoo. The mash potato was really good.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chicken Kapitan and Vege Soup at Sri Melaka

I don't remember what this is >_< but it's from Sri Melaka

Mozarella baked Fish from Secret Recipe

Assam Chicken from Secret Recipe

Rojak at some mamak shop

Dry Curry Flat Noodle or something like that, from Pappa Rich

Grilled Fish in Herbs from Manhattan Fish Market

Rice with minced Chicken and eggs.

Mixed Rice from Pavillion's food court

What came out on the day I was craving something with potato, sausage, egg and cheese.

Stewed Beef Steak from Secret Recipe

Walnut Brownie a la Mode

Bon a petit!


ArchDyeu said...

My favorite = "Rojak at some mamak shop"

If thats not being specific, i dont know what is......


Now i'm hungry for Manhattan Fish Market.....

Diyana said...


manhattan fish market is not good lar, skip it, go somewhere else.

synical said...

The food porn is not helping me not to snack so late at night :P

Diyana said...

food porn?! hahahahahhahaha, maybe i should put that as my post title! heheheheh

ArchDyeu said...

Like where?
I havent eaten there in a very long time so thats the crave. Any suggestions for good fish food?

Haha, nice one, food porn.... So awaiting your next publication, of food porn...

Diyana said...

"Any suggestions for good fish food?"

you know that sounds like you wanna feed a fish >_<

I recommend the salmon from Sheperdoo, it's in klang, google it. But the portion is small though, best have a starter before it.