Tuesday, November 9, 2010

...About Sugar Fix

What's your sugar fix? Your ultimate sugar fix. One that you swear by to go on a sugar high but will surely give you diabetes.

This is mine.


I once ate a bar of this a few years back cos I needed the energy to study for an exam. I was bouncing off the walls the whole night til exam time. SERIOUS T_T

There's bullshit, there's serious shit and there's just plain shit. This is SERIOUS SHIT. (I have no idea who the hell came up with that phrase)

This lil bar of heaven used to be my piece of luxury back at school, it costs almost RM4 for one bar! That's like 2 days of lunch money ok, so I didn't get to it have as often as I like.

Now, it's so hard to get it. Seriously, they don't have it at any old super market. In fact I found it while I wasn't looking for it. I went into the store at a Shell station looking for some snack, and there it was on top of the rack, all golden and shiny.

Golden Hokey Pokey Honeycomb covered in Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milk Chocolate.
yum yum yum


synical said...

You're looking in the wrong places lah, that's why tak jumpa.

I've not had it for a while now, and you had to remind :P

Diyana said...

hahaha, go get it now now now!