Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...About Bento #32

This one was like, 2 weeks ago. >_< So there's gonna be like, few days in a row of bento posts. Clearing up my back log >_<

Decided to use a new bento box. Well, it's not exactly new, my mom bought it ages ago and deliberately left it at my place. (all my bento boxes are bought by my mom)
Here's what the set looks like. Everyone at work thinks I brought a make up bag to work. T_T
Packed this for buka puasa. On the left in the flask tumbler is spaghetti with chicken meat and crabsticks in bolognese sauce. Right hand upper container is the extra sauce. Right hand bottom container is potato salad.
This bag is so cool, it has a slot at the back where I can slip in the chopsticks holder (comes with the set.)

Hapy Bento-ing!