Thursday, August 4, 2011

...About Breakfast Buffet at Four Points by Sheraton.

Needless to say, throughout my 2 weeks there, breakfast was the best meal of the day. (except on the day that I went for the seafood dinner). Behold what I had for breakfast for 2 weeks!

 This was rice vermicelli with blanched vege in laksa broth. You can choose different types of noodles with a choice of 3 different soup/broths.

Salad, chicken bologna, hash browns, beef bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, apple juice.

Chicken piccata, toast, beef bacon, french toast.
 Omelette. Choose your own toppings.

Salad, beef sausage, chicken bologna, sauteed potatoes.
Cupcake, jam, (over)whipped cream, scone, croissant. The croissant is to die for! Soft and buttery! Their bread pudding was also delish, can't believe I forgot to snap a pic of that. So this is pretty much what I had for breakfast every day, plus/minus 1 or 2 plates. Huge breakfast man.

Breakfast like a King.

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