Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stress Free Weekend of Mine

Finally! There was sun and heat today!! It's been raining for the past few days, so much that my laundry won't dry. But thank God it did not rain today!! My clothes are finally dry. Well, now I actually have to get around to go fold it up. Dayum lazy.

Yesterday and today was pretty good. Yesterday was full of plans (and rain all d way from nilai-seremban to sunway and back to nilai sheesh). First thing of the day was my dentist appointment. Well, nothing exciting there (just mention it cause that's how my day started)

After that, I headed down to Damansara for a Bento Partay! eheheheh. If you don't know what a bento is, click here and here (and, not or, means click both >_<) The party was organized by my mom and Pat. I reached the party a lil late. They were already halfway through the how-to-bento talk. The highlights of the day were, each person gets a goodie bag, inclusive of a bento box amongst other things (check out the pix), a bento competition was held, we had to use the food for lunch and arrange it in our new bento box, the most creative arrangement wins a prize. I think the best part of all for the bento enthusiasts was that the 100 Yen store guy was there with a huge supply of bento gear! There were bento boxes of various colors and designs, bento straps, cutlery sets, and loads of other stuffs all for RM4.90 per piece. There were also other gears that Pat outsourced from somewhere else. Did not get any pictures of those though.(mom, I think you bought loads, take a picture of those)

Pat giving the talk

My Mommy giving the talk.
"Ladies, recycle, save our environment"

Some of the lunch buffet spread. I was late so couldn't snap much before they were devoured.

There's my Aunt Hannah posing with her bento for sis's camera.

Sis's bento. See the cute mufiin? Two lil piggies on it!
Now those piggies are halal ones wakakakak!

This is mine

Close up of the muffin I managed to grab.

Leftover maki that I tapau-ed

Contents of the goodie bag!

Had fun at the party, for more pics go to Molly's blog!

After the party, I went straight to Sunway to meet up with Tina, she couldn't stay long cause she had to go somewhere. Brenda and Diana arrived later, just in time for a few pics with Tina before she took off. Then the three of us literally spent 2 hours wandering around and around the mall figuring out what to eat. Finally settled for Delifrance by running Diana's finger up and down the directory and stopping randomly down the list (WE WERE THAT BORED AND LOST OK) Giler kesian, like nothing better to do only T_T

Then today, was a very unproductive relaxing day thank you very much.

This is what I made while I was feeling creative today.

Wanna come up with a name for it? It's tamagoyaki rolled in a whole meal bread.


ArchDyeu said...

Bento partay...!! Nice....

And kudos on promoting recycling and saving the enviroment, i have to recycle here as well, saperate my trash between burnables, bottles and cans, etc.....

3lilangels said...

I just hopped here from your mom's blog. Just glad to see a post on the bento party. And to say, it was nice meeting you.

Diyana said...

mystro: hahaha, if u need more motivation i can get my mom to giv u a talk!

3lilangels: it was nice to meet u too!

ArchDyeu said...

Its ok, i get a earfull from my admin here on to tear away the peices of paper stuck on boxes before i throw the box away, to seperate the bubble wraps as "Industrial Waste" together with the polystyrene, and to be carefuly with my normal trash.

In a way, there are so many rules, i've stopped buying stuffs to reduce my trash quota.......

Diyana said...

mak aih, ur admin so hard core!!