Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Month That Was

Last month was a whole lot of things all rolled into one. I found myself feeling annoyed, irritated, agitated by the littlest things, trivial matters. I don't know why. Somethings people do, somethings people say, or even the people themselves bug, annoy and irritate me. Well I hope I irritated them as much as they did me. I do not know what's wrong with me these days. I get pissed off easily.

However, there were events that managed to get my mind off work, and the people from work.

My ONE AND ONLY Uncle got married last saturday.

The hall.

Decos on the ceiling.

The walk to remember.

Entrance to the dinner hall.

The table.

Then, the next day went for lunch cum reunion at Carcosa Sri Negara with my grandma's family.

Those two days was like a flurry of madness. Catching up on my relatives, learning who's who, putting a face to the names I always keep hearing, or learning names of faces that I recall from my childhood. Meeting with relatives that I do know and whom I only meet during weddings. Meeting long lost childhood friend whom I used to play with back when I frequent my mom's place on weekends as a child. Brings back memories of polypockets and barbie dolls. Brings back memories man. It was crazy.

How time flies.

That weekend was all eat eat eat. I think I gained all the weight and inches in time for puasa. Mind you, puasa-ing and losing weight does not come hand in hand T_T.

Back to the present. Currently in class. Current class is all about current (pun intended). Module 4: Electronic Fundamental. Have to keep up my grades, somehow someway I did well for the last module, and this module is like a continuation to it. Dayum.

Am looking forward to this weekend of escape from my working world and away from technical minds.

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