Monday, September 8, 2008

Bitch Fest

I wasn't even going to blog today. But then (long dramatic pause) as I woke up from what was supposed to be a short nap, this piece of information jumped out at me from my laptop screen practically doing the happy dance (where you look like you're stirring a cauldron full of evil potion with a sinister smirk on your face) and the conga line dance at the same. I found it too big an opportunity, too juicy, too bitch-able for me to NOT blog about it.

See, the beauty of blogging is that, when you're pissed, you can bitch and rant all about it in your blog. Without letting the-people-you're-bitching-about know about it, but letting the rest of the world in cyberspace know it. Then you secretly hope that the-people-you're-bitching-about WILL somehow come across your blog, read it, feel belittled by what you wrote and go crying to their mommies. After that, just as an after thought, you secretly, secretly (nope, not a mistake, I meant to type it twice) hope that they DON'T come across your blog, because then it won't be fun anymore. You no longer have a sinister secret place to bitch. Ahaks.

So, here's the ice cream on this brownie. Apparently, some unfortunate souls who have not been blessed with the ability of note taking in class, have been stealing my notes while I'm not around, and in under 3 minutes, managed to flip-flip-flip and find the piece of info that they needed, copy it, then put my notes back where they found it. All that under 3 minutes.


Now, there's two sides to EVERYTHING. Let's first look at the bright side.
1. They think of me highly enough to snitch notes from me. My notes must be dayum bloody good then.
2. They've graduated to copying post-examinations instead of copying during examinations. Kudos! Give yourselves a big painful whack, I mean, a pat on your back.

Here's the other side (formerly known as the dark side, but has been changed to keep it light and positive injected with a few milliliters of sarcasm)
1. They are so very-the-incompetent that they can't come up with their own notes.
2. Even with half the class in their 'friends-but-I-still-bitch-about-you-behind-your-backs' list, not one of them have better notes than theirs.
3. So they had to resort to stealing from the OTHER side.
4. They somehow have the skills to come up with the divine plan of snitching notes. Wow,they never cease to amaze me.
5. When their previous pool of notes became inaccessible due to the right plan but bad execution on their part - also known as an error - they looked for a new pool to dip their toes in.

And that is how they ended up having the honor of being condemned in my blog (look!look! NOW you can go tell your friends I'm condemning them okay?)

After all the blood, sweat and tears I poured into my notes. (ok, not really. Just kinetic energy and grey matter. That's besides the point.) They think they can just waltz over to my notes and copy it? You watch out man.

You know what? The biggest marvel of their plan is, I hardly even leave the class for a long period of time. Since it's the fasting month, I only go out for toilet breaks. I only left the class longer than 5 to 15 minutes ONCE last friday. Looks like the 25 minutes turn around time is a piece of cake to them.

I have come up with a plan to catch them off guard while they are reloading their touch n go at my table. But then, decided that it'll be a huge waste of my energy, I've already wasted Giga Joules on this post. So let them be.

Biarlah mereka yang solat 5 kali sehari mencuri ilmu tanpa kebenaran daripada tuannya pada bulan yang mulia ini. Aku halalkan segala apa yang TELAH diambil.

But don't expect to find my notes available at your disposal anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for spending your precious time reading my long rant.

P.S: If you are looking for the post on the Bento Partay, it's below this one.


ArchDyeu said...

Spike your notes la, biar derang copy notes yg salah.....

Amacam, evil tak my plan?

Emily said...

Just my very thought! Great minds think alike!

Diyana said...

'spike' my notes,hahah dat's one way to say it. i thought of that. but in the end i dun wanna waste my time. buat tak tau jer. i dun leave d class til lunch break comes.dat time nobody is in d class.

mollyjinxed said...


keji gile

beli la tape recorder

sorok dlm baju. at least u have recorded notes

then in your notebook.. u jus doodle²
siap tulis "gotcha!"

mesti dorg terkejut


Diyana said...

no, tulis gotcha kaw kaw!!!


masalah nyer lps record malas nak dgr balik. ehehehehe