Friday, November 13, 2009

...About Things You Have to Walk Away From

There are things in life you have to walk away from.  And there are those you just have to tolerate and put up with it day by day for the rest of your life.

But there is one thing a woman should never put up with, the one thing a woman should ALWAYS walk away from. An abusive partner.

Recently, Rihanna the superstar-good-girl-gone-bad came out in the open about what happen the night Chris hit her, he hit her so badly, her face was bruised, swollen, bloody. Yet, after that, she went back to him. But thank God she has walked away.

I watched all her tell-all videos.

Click here to watch.

I feel strongly about this matter. Because I know more than enough girls who have been through it. Fortunately, the experience is not first hand.

If a guy hit you, once. You put up with it, that's understandable. But if he hits you again, harder than the first time, honey, walk away. Or better still, run as fast as your stilettos allows you to. Don't turn back.

If he hit you once, chances are, HE WILL HIT YOU AGAIN.

Stop thinking who's fault it is.
Stop thinking why he hits you.
Stop making up excuses for him, because he sure did not try to find an excuse not to hit you.

If you're not even married yet, all the more reason to walk out of it right here, right now.

I have a friend who got beat up, she was beat up so badly, only thing left is for her to bleed. But she went back. And she's still there. I hope he doesn't hit her anymore, and if he does, I hope she walks away this time.

It's like cancer, either you've been through it, or someone you know have been through it.

So That's What I Think.

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