Wednesday, July 21, 2010

...About redAMP's Are You ASEAN's Best Band?

The search is over. Golden Dragon from Yogyakarta, Indonesia has been crowned ASEAN's best band!

The top 3 bands that performed that night were truly Top 3! The were all great in their own way. Each band represented different genres, even different languages.

1st runner up, sixty-nine from Thailand.

3rd runner up, Pancake 80 from Philippines.
Being there during their audition, and talking to them in between, made me feel as if we have a connection somehow. I felt so revved up for the finale concert, hung around backstage, stood by stage side so I can wish them luck when they get on the stage, and tell them good job when they come down.

I felt my stomach twist when the amp cable for the guitar came off during Pancake 80's guitar solo. I was like oh my gawd! The judges didn't get to hear that solo! That was one wicked solo man! Damn! The guitarist looked so disappointed he could cry. I felt so bad for him.

The stage.

They all deserved to win. They were all good.

Golden Dragon stood above the rest for a few reasons. The obvious reason is the cosplay theme. They dress up as warriors when they perform. Another reason is that they sing in Mandarin. To me, the most important thing that made them stand out, was during their audition. When ask "Why do you think you are ASEAN's best band?" All the other bands said that this is the hardest question. But not Golden Dragon, the said "Ya, soalan ini ialah soalan yang kami nanti-nantikan" They have a vision, a mission, and they are going towards it fast.

Don't just take my word for it, go watch their audition videos to see how good they are. It'll be worth your time.

I wish the bands all the best, and keep on making good music.


All pictures by Sri Ramani

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