Friday, July 23, 2010

...About Urbanscapes 2010

I know this is a gila babeng outdated post bloody hell. No mood to blog lar nowadays. But here goes. Mostly pictures, not taken by me though.

It was my first time going to this event. Didn't know what to expect. Didn't even buy the tickets to watch the performances.

This year's 'Urbanscapes' sign is so darn ugly. You can't even see the word lar. No budget ka? Ignore the sesat boy in the pic.

For those of you who don't know what Urbanscapes is about. It's basically a day festival of arts, fashion and music. There's fashion bazaars where things are not exactly cheap, art pieces on display, and music performances throughout the day.

You can expect all kinds of fashion on all kinds of people..

Quirky stuff for sale or on display..

A friend said that the first ever Urbanscapes was the best. It was all about the music. Now, most people there are over dressed. They don't come for the music, they come to be seen. Oh well. We'll see who's performing next year. Maybe then I'll actually buy the ticket.

All pictures taken by Neoh Wee Ming (mau hire ka? drop a comment)

See ya next year... I think...maybe...I don't know.


synical said...

I was there too - hated Projek Angkat Rumah, because I was stuck behind it :P

Not to mention car got stuck in a ditch and couldn't get out for almost an hour :P

Diyana said...

hahaha, i took d easy way out and parked outside klpac in front of a shop.

i think next year, take public transport oni lar

synical said...

I bodoh-bodoh beli ticket when I wasn't thinking of checking out the paid areas. Sigh.

KLPac is too far to walk from outside the street.

It is not the best place for me to take public transport.

Oh well. Next year see how la.

Diyana said...

yeah, see how. they better not angkat another rumah next year.

synical said...

Haha, if it comes back again, I rather not go :P