Sunday, August 1, 2010

...About: 100 Yen Shop, Kota Kemuning.

Never mind the question of what was I doing in Kota Kemuning. I was just so excited to see one! Haven't visited one in a long time. My girlfriend Brenda, a 100 yen shop virign was with me at the time.  So we went together.

If you've never been to one, well here's a journey of discovery for you!

This branch has the shaved ice kiosk. (I noticed, most of the branches have it now)

The name of the shop itself screams japanese. So, expect a lot of cute, weird, what-the-hell-i-never-thought-of-that kind of stuff.

The have food stuff, candy, and snacks.

Look at the can of Pepsi, is a 500ml can. Next time I shall buy some. If people ask me where I bought it from, I shall say Japan >_<

Cute stuff! Stickers, paper clips, magnets.

This is a new find for me....

Cute portable speakers! In the shape of love and frog! How cute can it get? I was going to buy the froggy one, but when I tested it, my iPod touch's built in speaker was actually louder. Bummer. So, yeah, did not buy it.

Then let's not forget, the Bento stuff!!! Every Bento enthusiast in Malaysia depends on 100 yen shop for their supply of Bento boxes, tools, and accessories.

Then usual standard Bento boxes.

These comes with elastic bands.

Metal container with plastic lids.

Chocolate Bento box!

So if you happen to visit a 100 yen shop that sells the 'Snow Ice'. Do have a bowl. It's delish. It's basically flavoured ice shavings.

It says 'non fattening' So indulge!

We had mango.
So, til the next post, Sayonara!

All pictures taken from Brenda.

For more info on 100 Yen shops in Malaysia, click here.

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