Monday, August 9, 2010

...About : Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

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For this title, I actually watched the movie first before reading the book. Only because I had access to the movie first.If you watched the movie but have yet to read the book, trust me go read the book.

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I'm not saying the book is better than the movie (which is usually the case) but this time,I feel that the movie AND the book were equally good. Both good in their own way.

They have different endings. Totaly different. Like, total opposite.The movie's ending was sweet, and kind off predictable. But the book, the ending is so so so heart breaking.

I noticed that the sequence of the significant events in the book has been rearranged in the movie. But it still delivered the message and impact the story intended.

I think the casting for the movie was perfect. I just love Amanda Seyfried. She's pretty in an unconventional way, and not stick thin skinny. She has a body type many girls can relate to. And Channing Tatum - HOT. 'nuff said.

Nicholas Sparks, to me, is the ultimate tear-jerking-love-story writer.Seriously. I am soooo collecting all his books.

Go read the book! Or if you hate reading, get the movie and watch it.

Box of tissues on standby please, don't say I didn't warn ya!

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