Thursday, August 19, 2010

...About : sandRa Indonesia

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sandRa is a band from Indonesia. They're not signed to any label, they're indie, that's why you've probably never heard of them.

Prior to discovering this band's music, I never understood the fuss about Indonesian bands. I mean yes, the bands from there that has made it big are good, no doubts about that. I understand now that Indonesian bands rocks. But I would say, we should look at the bands as who they are,as unique individual bands, not from where they come from.

Having said that, I came across the band sandRa during the redAMP screen test (which quite a number of other Indonesian bands got shortlisted for, they're never short of talent that country) Don't ask me why they're called sandRa when they're a bunch of guys >_<  you can go read their profile on myspace or reverbnation. Or you can watch their screen test video, they answer that question in the video.

I watched their screen test, thought their song was nice. Managed to get their CD after that, listened to it, got hooked ever since. I started rooting for them since then. They made it to the top 10. During the voting period for the Top 3 finalist, their songs were constantly playing on my iTunes, looped >_< But sadly they did not make it to the finals :(

If you listen to their songs, you'd probably say, "Heh, they sound the same as the mainstream bands from Indonesia" See, that's the thing, they're just as good as the commercial mainstream bands. Maybe even better.

All I can say is, they make good music, they're unsigned, and I am officially a fan.

Owh yeah.

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