Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...About Future Reads

A bookworm can never have/read enough books.

Some pictures are blurry due to the fact that I was trying to snap a pic as fast as possible without attracting the shopkeeper's attention >_<

And in case you were wondering, yes, I am trying to read all of Nicholas Sparks' books.


ArchDyeu said...

Ade mase ke for you to finish all that?

The books that i have pun takde masa tuk i baca.

Then again, i am a slacker, so i guess that doesnt count :)

Diyana said...

oh yeah, bookworms can read anytime anywhere long as there's sufficient lighting.

i can finish 1 book per day.

ArchDyeu said...

Haha, thats impressive.
Maybe you should have gotten the kindle dx instead of me.

Me, i'm more of a fiction, language and technical books kind of reader. Still havent finish my "Japanese for Dummies", haha...

Diyana said...

oh god, i can't do non-fiction mannnnnnn