Sunday, January 9, 2011

...About How to Know If You've Made It As A Musician

This is how to know if you've made it. You have a Tap Tap Revenge (TTR) game to your own name. Seriously. If you don't know what a TTR game is...

It's like Guitar Hero except that you just tap to the beat instead of pretending like you're playing the guitar. It's 'tap' cause this game is an application on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Not sure if other mobile devices support this game.

If you don't know what Guitar Hero is either *slaps forehead* then nevermind, you can skip this post.

So, who are the musicians with their own TTR game?



LADY GAGA! admit it, as much as she's a freak, her songs have nice beats.

A recent one I've discovered, none other than JUSTIN BIEBER!

WTH? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha bloody kid is rich okayzzzz. JUSTIN BIEBER??!!! I downloaded it for the heck of it. The moment you launch the app, it goes "oh ooo woow ooo ow ooo ohh" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah

It's gonna annoy the hell outta people!

Owww yeah

Baby baby baby oh!

So, you haven't made it unless you have your own TTR!

tap tap!

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