Tuesday, January 11, 2011

...About My New Old URL

If you are here reading this, that means you already know about my blog's new url. Well, actually, this was my url when I first started blogging at blogspot about 3 years ago. Somewhere along the line, I decided I had to change it. At that time I couldn't change it back because the url will be blocked for sometime after I deleted it.

Today, just for the heck of it, I checked whether it's clear for new registration, lo and behold, it is. Then something deep down told me "Let's bring AG back yo."

This nickname on my url has been with me for years. About 8 years I think. This name came out of passion. It's my identity online. People who know me from the internet will know me by this name. It's the name I'm comfortable to be known as, online that is.

For a while I tried to hide my blog from people whom I don't want to read my blog,by having a different url. But they found it anyway. Cause when people wanna know stuff about you, they'll dig and find you. Suit yourself.

After what one of my friend went through, I have learned to be responsible for what I write. I have practiced that ever since. What other people say about you on the internet, will find it's way to you. So, whatever you say about other people, they'll find out too. I have come to terms with that, years ago. So don't worry about me when I bitch and rant about other people here. Chances are, I'll know that they found out before you do.

So cheers, have a happy rest of the year.
AG is back, and she's staying here.


Anonymous said...

welkam back ammogurlll


Diyana said...


ArchDyeu said...

Haha, still got that avatar i see, nicely done....

I wonder where is mine, have to go look through my endless supply of pictures and stuffs.

Diyana said...

oh yes. been keeping it all these years mannnn