Monday, January 24, 2011

...About Paranormal Activity 2

Okay, first of all. Was I the only idiot who thought Paranormal Activity was real? Seriously! I feel so stupid! sheesh!

Here's the thing, when I watched the first one, I was told that the movie was compiled from a series of videos someone posted on Youtube because of the weird things going on. Then everything went wrong and the people died (obviously). Then someone decided to compile it and make a movie.

So I got hold of the first movie and watched it. This was last year. The movie to me, was totally believable. Adding to the fact that I do believe in ghosts and evil spirits (owh shut up!) I totally thought it was believable and could be a true story. Plus, the one I watched did not have credits rolling after the movie ended.

And along came Paranormal Activity 2. I did not think/know it's a direct sequel, I thought the guy compiled other videos to make this second one. OMG SO STUPID ME.

Then I watched it. It wasn't as believable as the first one due to the fact that they video-ed some scenes that you normally won't record for a home video(like having a normal conversation) and there were details that contradicted with the first movie.

But number 2 is a better movie in terms of suspense, and the footage you get.

The truth hit me when the ending totally contradicted number 1's ending and the credits started rolling T_T


Talk about being gullible.

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