Saturday, March 19, 2011

...About The Whole Bahasa Melayu Bible Hoo Haa

First, our nation made a big hoo haa when the misnistry decided to teach maths and science in English. They said that we are turning our backs on our Bahasa Kebangsaan. Then the ministry changed it back to teaching it in Bahasa, ensuring that our nation's level of English literacy stays stagnant.

Now the 'pious' muslims are making a big ruckus over Bibles printed in Bahasa Melayu. Like hello? The Holy Quran itself has translations in many different language, no one made a hoo haa about that. So what? We can have our Holy Quran in other languages but the Christians can't have their Bibles in Bahasa? That does not sound fair.

I don't know what the mindsets of muslims in other countries are like, but it seems that here it sounds a lil something like this. "We are peaceful people. You should respect our culture and customs,tolerate us, but we don't have to treat you the same"

The non-muslims have been very tolerant with us muslims, why can't we do the same? It won't shake our belief and faith. If we have that strong a faith in the first place. The people that usually start a ruckus are usually people who don't practice in the first place, they just want to point out other people's mistakes.


The Christians got angry when the ministry stamped their Bibles.

Wouldn't we be mad too if the Holy Quran got stamped?

Yeah, 1Malaysia yawww

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