Wednesday, July 27, 2011

...About Trying Out Local Kuching Food

Yup, still posting about my work trip there. Tried some local food, mainly the ones people say is a must try.

Kolo mee, had this at the canteen at work. Basically instant noodles, with beef, some vege and some seasoning sauce.

Ok, this is not a local Kuching food, but just wanted to put this in. Ayam Penyet, had this at a  place nearby the hotel.

Nasi Goreng Dabai. Dabai is a fruit. A very salty fruit. Tinges the rice a purple hue. When eating this, do not bite on the fruit on it's own, it's very salty.

Another version of Mee Kolo. Had this one at the Satok Night Market.

That's about it, more Kuching posts to compose. Let's hope I get around to it. >_<

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