Thursday, November 24, 2011

..About Gratitude List

Weeks ago, while I was channel surfing, I happened to watch an old episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. She was talking about her Gratitude List. That got me to thinking about making up my own list. Mind you, that was weeks ago, finally got around to it.

We all have gripes about anything and everything in our lives. If you don't then you're lying to yourself honey. But sometimes when you stop and think about it, life ain't that bad after all. I mean, you're alive and here right?

I know people today who would not believe it if I said that back then people know me as "the girl who's always smiling". Most people I know today know me as "mak cik kecik garang". Life's change, people change, situation change. Okay maybe people don't really change, deep down their the same, but I have to say that we adapt. Adapt to situation and environment.

When you're a petite girl working in a male dominated environment, it's hard to make them take you seriously when you're bubbly all the time. But nevertheless, I am grateful of what I have, am, and going to be.

I may not be rich.
But I am grateful that I have enough to live comfortably.

I may not have a perfect body.
But I am grateful God let me have enough limbs, digits and senses.

I may not be a genius.
But I'm grateful that I'm smart enough to get by.

I may not be strong enough to do what I would like to be able to do.
But I am grateful that I have the strength to get up and live life everyday.

I may not have the best job in the world.
But I am grateful that I have a job to go to.

So yeah, be happy with what you have. There are people who have it way worst.

What won't kill you only makes you stronger.


Emily said...

Good one!

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Emily said...

btw what u doing this weekend? we are off to melaka tomorrow. I need 30 ikea carrier bags, can get them for me? need them to pack up all my stuff in MY room and transfer to pchg. need my guestroom back.