Monday, August 11, 2008

From last last weekend to yesterday.

Pictures of somethings I cooked, somethings I bought, somethings my mom bought for me throughout the period of time stated in the title. (giler skema ayat >_<)

Last weekend started off on a good note. End of module 3, did quite well for my objective paper if I can say so myself. But then, it all went downhill starting with, last weekend was the weekend I decided to go back to the doomhouse for my monthly visit. T_T

All was well until after the Olympic Opening Ceremony (not that it had anything to do with it)

My BF got beat up. By his brother-in-law (BIL). Was like in the movies.

BIL: Aku nak jumpe kakak kau.
BF: Nak ape lagi Bang, bagi lar kitorang balik.
BIL: Ngko jangan nak masuk campur, aku pukul ngko kang.
BF: Nak pukul? Pukul lar kalo berani.
*dush to the left ear, kick in the chest, kick in the left rib, wachaaa!!*
BF: Puas hati pukul? Dah, bagi kitorg balik. Ngko tau kenape aku tak pukul ngko balik? Sebab aku masih anggap ngko pangkat abang.
BIL: Abang minta maaf...

Meanwhile, BF's sister was in the car, locked the car door, to keep the BIL out. BIL decided to climb onto the hood of the car. Kicks the windshield. It started to crack. She quickly went into gear, and drove the car.

You ready for this part? Betul-betul macam filem aksi. (action film)

She swerves the car to the left and right, BIL holds on to the car's roof. (SERIOUSLY NOT JOKING)
Until he finally falls off the car.


She quickly drove off. BF had to call his friends to come pick him up.

He got a lil cut on his left ear, was bleeding. Chest and rib still aching.

(*o*) exhales.

I heart my new wedge heels.


mollyjinxed said...

i heart the wedge in white


seriously BIL dia hug dia pastu? okayyy.. we've got a CUCKOO in the house.. strap him n send him to madagascar ples

Diyana said...

n the BIL comes frm the same state as the psycho. starts with a k ends with an n.


ArchDyeu said...

Fuyoh..... Mr and Mrs BIL....

Then again i'm a guy so for me i'll say, "Awesome....!!!" (two thumbs up). How long he was holding on to the car's roof?

Hope your BF is okay though.

p/s: the hug thing is so gay....

LittleByLittle said...

Fuiyoh, tinggi nya your new wedgies! Can balance ah?

BTW the square container with the 4 sections, can go into your fridge's freezer compartment?

Diyana said...

archdyeu(like how do u pronounce dat anyway?): typical jantan lar u >_< hihih he's ok now.

lilbylil: dat's why must buy wedges, easier to balance!!! i dunno how d gurls walk in stilettos!!

i dun put d container in d freezer, since i store veges in them, i just put it in d normal fridge compartment.