Wednesday, August 27, 2008


How was your week? Hope it went fine. Mine was so and so.

I welcomed my Aunt back to malaysia last week at klia. She's back from NZ for my Uncle's wedding which is this saturday.

Got stuck in the elevator last sunday. It was fun (>_<) (T_T) Had the chance to pry open the door like they do in action movies.

Went for a gathering of ex-univ mates. It was a barbecue.

This was dinner on tuesday.
Had dinner with the jap chicks as it was their last day at the academy. Had sushi (finally) after such a long time. But it wasn't good, I guess cause it was kinda late, so it wasn't fresh.

This week is the final week of ojt in store. Next week it's back to classes to resume electrocution. It's another electrical-thingymajig subject. 'Joy'. Puasa month some more. Man is that going to be challenging, maintaining my cool when I don't understand something. God help me.

Can't wait to go back to line maintenance in october. Haven't touched an aircraft for so long (aircraft spare parts does not count, plenty of those at the store)

Things are kinda going up and down. Surprises here and there. Idiots here and there. Anger here and there. Happiness here and there. Disappointments here and there. Everything here and there lar.

Busy weekend ahead. Actually, only saturday lar. Trying to sound less pathetic.

I am so not looking forward to slaving myself to the red book for 3 weeks again.

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