Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Point Blanc featuring Jin, 'One Day'

Have you been googling for this? You have clicked on the right link.

One Day, Point Blanc's latest single under his record label Voyeur Records was officially released on 08.08.08 (FATTTT!) This track features Chinese American rapper Jin. A phenomenal collaboration. Produced by Major R.E

This month will be the comeback month for VR, not only with the release of 'One Day' but also with the label's first lady IVI's new single 'What I Want'. To check out the track just headover to the label's website.

Copies of the CDs are limited, and not available in stores. Watch this space, I might be able to supply.

In the mean time, here's the music video.


ArchDyeu said...

Talent & Extras Coordinator = BOTAK....!!

Nice, very nice...... Didnt realise Amber Chia was involved, if not i sure want to go to the making....

David Cheong said...

Hurray, our vid out already weeeeee

Diyana said...

archdyeu: nyeheheheheeh. she was quite nice, not stuck up at all.

david: yeah but, we appear once only!!! many ppl think d other girl in d other group shot was me!!