Wednesday, February 17, 2010

...About Valentine's Day

Not Valentine's Day the day. Valentine's Day the movie.

It was pleasantly nice. Don't let the movie trailer fool you! It holds quite a few surprises in store!!


I think Taylor Swift portrays a bimbo pretty well. Ahaks.

And Taylor Lautner looks awfully familiar. No, not because he's in twilight, I don't even watch that movie. It's because I've seen him elsewhere, way before twilight came out. Just google images for sharkboy and lava girl. Yes, THAT movie I've watched. You can sue me again.

I have to say, my favourite couple in the movie is......the gay couple. nyeheheheheh. What, wait, there's a gay couple? hehehehe, go watch the movie. Hot gay couple. But they're only revealed towards the end of the movie! So be patient.

All in all, the movie managed to squeeze in loads of worst case scenarios that can happen between couples. Not bad.

Enjoy your movie.


Sarah said...

I heard it was a lot like Love Actually. I really liked that one. Was this as good as that, would you say?

Diyana said...

I didn't watch Love Actually, so I can't compare, sorry!

But it's a nice feel good comedy movie!

ArchDyeu said...

Uughh..... Chick Flick.....

Then again, i am doomed to watch this flick since my girlfriend is definitely gonna make me watch.


Atleast i have my car.... Woo Hoo....

(sorry, had to bring my car in)