Thursday, February 4, 2010

...About Learning

I like learning. I like learning something new. Especially if the knowledge helps me in so many ways. Especially when it's important.

What I don't like is sitting in class. No, what I really don't like is waking up in the morning 5 days a week and going class. No choice, because it comes with the job.

But, again, I like learning.

Most of the time I'll be fidgeting in my seat. Shaking my leg, crossing and uncrossing my legs, stretching, shaking my head to keep me awake, daydreaming. So yeah, you get the picture.

But I do my best to concentrate. If you're stuck in class might as well receive the input.

I get frustrated if I don't understand something.
You're stuck there in class, you're listening, but you don't know what the heck the person in front is talking about.
What's the point right?

So grasp the knowledge.

Learning something, understanding it, and being able to impart that knowledge later on, that's satisfaction.

Makes me feel worthy of my job.

This must be the randomness thing I've written.

Oh what the heck.


Anonymous said...

learning something knew, or new?
Well, must thank a teacher. Hehe..

Diyana said...

damn typo. did not realize that.

well at least now i know someone actually read the post.