Sunday, February 28, 2010

...About Forgive and Forget

It's one of those things that are easier said than done. You tell people to do it and get over it. But chances are you yourself won't be able to do it.

Some people can do it easily, because they are the type who don't hold grudges. They get over things easily. Sometimes its good, because you don't waste your energy being angry. At times it's bad, because people will start walking all over you, knowing you will always forgive them.

Some people, "die die oso don't want to forgive" (had to use manglish, it doesn't have the full effect in proper English) These people will hate you to the max if you've wronged them. Whatever bridges built has burned down into a heap of ash. Never talk to them again.

Most people, I believe, will forgive certain things.

Now my qestion is, is it easier to forgive a friend or an enemy?

The thing about enemies, you don't HAVE to forgive them. Because it won't affect your relationship, because there wasn't one to begin with. So you don't even have to bother.

When it comes to a point where a friend is asking for forgiveness, that means they've done something really wrong. Will it change your friendship? Did they betray your trust? Do you really think you'll feel better after forgiving them?

Well, I think if you no longer feel like you can trust them, talk to them like you used to, hang out like you used to, then it matters not if you forgive them or not, because you can no longer be friends.

Well on a lighter note...


ArchDyeu said...

Yeah, that is one of life's most hardest points.

2 ways though that i find helps if you want to forgive, forget, move on.

a) you just have to become better than that person, materialistically. This boasts your confidence.

b) Start to trust that person all over again. And believe you're doing everything right by your standards. If things do go wrong, its not your fault.

But on any advise one can give, its all about time. let things take it's course, and see what happens.

Good luck my winged sis.

Diyana said...

Thanks bro.

but i find it hard to trust someone again once the trust is gone. i'll just cut off all ties.

but hey, plenty of other friends around. so we move on.

ArchDyeu said...

Well said, haha