Monday, March 1, 2010

...About Dreaming the Impossible

I'm am going to take you on a very fun journey. A dreamy one.

Dreamland shopping. In dreamland, you have all the money in the world. So what do you want to buy?

1. A Palm Treo Pro
 Isn't she a beauty? Comes with GPS too. And no one I know has it, definitely a plus. Image from

2. A Nooka Watch
 Need I state why I would want this watch? Didn't think so.
Image from 

3. A Mini Cooper (well d'uh, should've been no. 1)

Image from

So what do you want to buy on this dreamland shopping trip?


ryn said...

i found you too!!!
hahahahhaha u have 2 blogs as well!!!!

Diyana said...

hahahahah. but this one is not personal.


synical said...

I dunno how to tell time on a Nooka, so... :P

Diyana said...

oh, do not let such a small thing like that to stop you from indulging!


ArchDyeu said...

Can i come on this dreamland shopping trip? Cause if i can, i want a Mercedes SLR Mc-Laren Gold

Diyana said...

sure man, no prob my winged bro. but hey, i thought you olredi bought your drem car??!!! the skyline??!!!

ArchDyeu said...

Well thats my dream car, dreams are meant to be realized. This is a dreamland shopping, where you cannot realize the shopping you've made in here, so i want that car....


Diyana said...

ok faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.

ambik lar ur dreamcar mr. skyline!