Sunday, March 14, 2010

...About 2 posts in One Day

How is that possible? Was I that bored?

Actually, it was not unproductive.

Late lunch with mom and mom's mom.
Ahaks, just to confuse you.

Then I got bored after they left.
Then I found out a certain somebody was free, so out I went!!

Randomly, without planning to, well I did plan to, but wasn't planning to actually do it today, changed my steering wheel.

The old one is disintegrating, like, literally, black powdery stuff is coming out from it, the fake leather cracked everywhere. So I got a new one.

Black, is beyootiful.

Then went about and found new pants for work. It's darn bloody hard to find a decent pair of normal black straight cut long khakis for girls. So when I came across it today, I thought I better get it now rather than having to look for it again later. Oh, that I didn't take a picture off.

So I practically did everything else but touch this....

I better start flipping pages.....

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