Saturday, March 13, 2010

...About The Book of Eli

This story is set in the time where all of mankind wears Rayban.

No kidding, serious! Everyone has one!

They'll be killing each other for water, food and other basic necessities in life, but each person has a Rayban sunnies!

Hahahahaha, okay, jokes aside.

This movie is set in a time after a huge war. A war so huge that when it happened, the sky blew up, or something like that. I can't really say because they never really made it clear what happened. Here's my guess, a huge war happened where they used a super bomb. When the super bomb detonated, it messed up the ozone layer so bad. Not only things blew up, disintegrating half of earth's population, harmful sun rays came in after that, rendering some people blind, while the rest can't go outdoors without donning a pair of sunnies.

Okays, about the book. Let's cut to the chase, the book is a Bible. No less no more. After the war, all other copies were burnt, some believed it caused the war in the first place. This last copy, called out to Eli under a mountain of rubble.

Eli is now on a mission to bring the Bible to the west (journey to the west ya digg?) He doesn't know what's in the west, he just knows that a voice is telling him to bring it to the west.

Along the way, lots of killing and fighting involved. A bad guy is after the Bible, he believes that he can rule the world with the soothing words of the Bible because everyone has lost hope, so he can give them hope.

After much shooting, bombing and killing, the bad guy gets the Bible, and shoots Eli.

But get this, Eli stays alive! To make it all the way to the west, where there is a facility where many people survived and are trying to start over.

The bad guy opens the Bible only to find that it's a Braille version!

Eli, having memorized the Bible then recites it to be written down and published.

And....Eli was blind the whole time......I don't know if he is supposed to be blind in the movie, but there's a scene in the end where if you don't think to much, is suggesting to you that Eli is blind.

The closing scene is of the Bible being placed on a rack, right next to the Holy Quran and other holy books of other religion.

Now there's a message for ya.

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