Friday, March 26, 2010

...About The Associate by John Grisham

I have to say, for the first time ever, John Grisham has failed me. This book was - for the lack of a better word- boring.

The build up of the story didn't go as high as his other stories did. And that made the ride down oh-so-not-thrilling. But I do think it will make a good movie. The build up will look better on screen rather than written in a book.

Ok so, the story is about a law student who's been blackmailed to work in a mega law firm to steal information. At the end of the day, he tries to find a way out. How? Well, you gotta read the book to find out.

I think I'm so bad at reviewing. I never really write what the books/movies are about, but mainly just what I think of it.

Well, this blog IS called This Is What I Think.


Christine said...

i always want to read this book..but now i guess i got to think twice..haha..where u buy those book..i felt those book at booexcess already damn cheap...previously i went to the big bad wolf sales that was held annually..imagine rm 5 for each novel

synical said...

I thought there was a movie about this book, haha...

My reviewing skills also not any better, but then again, it's not like I'm getting paid or what also lah, so whatever.

Diyana said...

sinny: haha, well most of the books are from bookxcess. next time you go to amcorp mall, go on a sunday and scour the flea market, can get a fiction for RM2 ;p

synical: there is? i'm not sure lar, but this books is quite new. ala, even if our review skills are not that good who cares aight? it's our own blog ;p