Sunday, March 21, 2010

...About: Zee Avi, KL Live@Life Centre, 20 March 2010

I haven't been to a performance in a long time. I wouldn't really call this a concert, the set was quite simple and personal. Makes the fans feel closer. It was just her, her instruments, a cello-ist, and a drummer. It was definitely 100% live and acoustic.

I didn't get to watch the whole thing, I missed a few songs. But I do know the first song she sang was 'Poppy' I really like the verse of the song, chorus not so. She performed most of the song from her album. Including some from her Kokokaina days and some new materials (read: I couldn't sing-a-long to).

It was quite a short set. About 50 minutes or so. But she did come back out for an encore and sang 'Monte'. Eventhough she was already half way through the press conference.Sorry all my pics are from weird views, I was moving around a lot.

She likes to make jokes in between her song, while she's introducing the next song and what not.

 I dare say not many people has a shot of her from this view.

sound check yo

All in all...let's do it Citibank style..

Full tank of petrol : RM50
Parking : RM4
Meeting Zee Avi, getting her autograph and snap a picture with her : Priceless.



Danny Foo said...

You're dang lucky to have only paid RM4 for parking. Had to pay phreaking RM15 bucks for parking at Life Centre. *vomit blood*

Diyana said...
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Diyana said...

oh you poor thing!hahaaah, i did my research, cos i had to be there by 4.30, wisma KFC parking is RM4 per entry after 4pm ;)