Friday, May 21, 2010

...About: Gastronomic Adventure in Bandung

This is a post of pictures. Of food we had (though some missed because we were half way done eating when we realized we did not snap a picture >_<)

Snack of fried fish dumpling, deep fried tofu with fish stuffing in peanut sauce. It's called Batagor I think.

White rice, potato, cabbage, ikan tongkol and sambal. Had this at a small stall. The sambal damn powerful I tell you!

Tea time at Amanda's Brownie along Jalan Dago. Pisang Caramel(not so good) Tapai Danish (tastes weird) Chocolate pancake with custard filling (delish!)

Nasi Padang for dinner, at Simpang Raya along Jalan Dago too I think. It's my favorite meal of the trip.

Teh tarik and milo ice, for breakfast second day. At a cafe in the Rumah Mode compund at Jalan Setiabudhi.

Strawberry Banana Pancake. Yums.

Grilled Beef Bacon Sandwich.

Dinner at Dago Tea House, Wisma Kebudayaan. My pot of Chrysanthemum Tea.

Pecel Lele. Basically deep fried catfish with sambal and vege on the side. Sorry picture a bit blur.

Nasi Bogana

Nasi Timbel

Sate Kambing

Sup Bontot (oxtail soup)

Snack on the last day before lunch.

Lunch at Dago Tea House. Nasi Soto.


Food is cheap over there. Heck, everything is cheap. 

That's all the food folks. Will update on scenery next.

Now go wipe that drool of your chin.

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