Saturday, May 1, 2010

...About Cakes

Recently celebrated a friend's birthday. He announced that this is the second time in his life that he's cutting a birthday cake.

I was quite shocked. Really. He comes from a close knit family. Where festivities means family getting together.

I come from the total opposite. Yet, I have had a birthday cake almost every single year. And it meant nothing to me, I hated it. Worst of all when I had to go and buy it myself. Not with my own money lar, but I had to go into the cake shop and buy the cake.

So I grew up hating celebrating my own birthday, and still do. I would go all out to plan something for a friend. But when it comes to my own, I'd rather stay home and watch my episodes of Glee on my pc.

See how material things mean almost nothing? Here's a girl who's had a birthday cake almost every year of her childhood, yet she goes home as rarely as she possibly can.

Then there's a boy who loves his family to bits, but birthday cakes are a rarity. And it doesn't matter.


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ArchDyeu said...

Ok, 3 replies to your posts, and i cannot stop relating. Are you spying on me?

Anyways, birthdays are a snooze fest for me as well. i dont quite celebrate, and before last year no cake, no dinner, no hanging out with friends till birthday's all gone.

Basically, just another day.

Depressing part is that i'm a year older, aarrgghh!!!